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About us

At Troop Your Colours, we represent all that is vibrantly colourful, all that is strong yet graceful — we exude confidence while encouraging and promoting a balanced and healthy mind. We believe that the colours we choose to sport are a direct reflection of our attitudes, what's in our hearts, our chakras — what we are feeling, vibrating... As such, we aim to celebrate vitality in the grandest of styles.

The West Indian rainforest breathed life into us and drizzled are the finishes and touches from the multifarious cultures we weave in and out, belonging to no specifics but yet... everywhere.  Chameleons we are — always ameliorating as we emerge from this universal chrysalis.

It is the very formula we use in creating and bringing to you, our Five West Indian Warrior Princesses.  These wonderful sisters were bred to protect the last virginal rainforest on the planet, and are featured in our upcoming trilogy, "Creatures of the Creator."  The storyline offers valuable lessons as we begin the series in the 1600s to show the actions taken then, formed the world we live in today and ending with, what becomes of our world in the future. 

Whether you choose to shop at our site or go elsewhere, we encourage you to choose happy colours; especially during those times when life challenges occupy your path. Sport those colours with pride and by extension, Troop Your Colours.

- Bridget Jeffrey, Founder and Creative Director
  Bring De Rum!